In Love and Hope

After serving the community for almost 70 years, Crestview United Methodist Church (CUMC) has chosen to hand over their home so a new church can be born. Crestview United Methodist Church will continue to meet in the Fellowship Hall at 11am on Sunday until March 29th, at which time CUMP will close its doors in order to be renovated and reborn as Violet Crown City Church.

It is an act of love and service that the congregation of CUMC gives their space, their resources, and their heritage over to create a new church. Violet Crown City Church, led by Pastor Jay Cooper, will begin services on April 5th at Wooten Elementary.

Please note, these changes will not affect the preschool. Children will continue to attend preschool classes in their classrooms throughout this transition.

Are you a current member who would like to find out more about the transition? Please email Pastor Jay and a member of our team will be in touch quickly.

Crestview United Methodist Church exists to love God, love others, and serve the world – and we believe that starts across the street and around the corner with our neighborhood friends! We welcome ALL people, whatever your story and wherever you are in your faith journey, and hope to follow Jesus’ example as we grow together toward lives of peace, justice, and joy. This church has been located in the heart of the Crestview neighborhood in north central Austin since its founding in 1953; we’re proud to have spent 60-plus years loving and serving our community — its schools, park, families, seniors and service organizations–as well as meeting needs in Austin and across the globe.


Upcoming Events

On March 29th, Crestview United Methodist Church will close its doors. Please join Violet Crown City Church for services at Wooten Elementary starting on Easter Sunday, April 5th.